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Why use Mobile Office in Financial Services?

Activate Your Local Branches

Provide your customers with exceptional and personalized service by connecting them with the right person. Financial advisors can change their status and automatically transfer calls to available personnel with the on-queue option or access and manage their voicemails.

Record Customer Interactions

Ensure compliance with financial regulations within your organization. Mobile Office for Genesys easily records any mobile interaction you want or automatically records all calls. Relisten and view transcriptions of your mobile customer interactions.

Automate Financial Processes

With Mobile Office, you can utilize the automated call-back or task routing system to notify the relevant person or team wherever they are. Ensure timely responses when urgent events occur, such as requiring approval or getting payment information.

Deliver Personalized Experiences

Mobile Office can integrate with CRM or legacy systems, ensuring a comprehensive 360° mobile view on the customer and allowing personalized advice and offers.

Enable Omnichannel Customer Journey

70% of consumers consider a consistent experience across channels to be important in choosing their bank. Mobile Office allows you to move a conversation to a new channel without losing the full context of the client’s history and previous interactions.

Secure Customer Data

Mobile Office understands how important security is for you. All data is securely stored on Genesys Cloud. This ensures security and customer confidentiality by minimizing the risk of data breaches or loss from individual mobile devices.

Transform Experiences Wherever You Are.

Many banking consumers still prefer interacting with human agents for higher-stakes tasks.

63% of consumers want one-on-one personal conversations with bank representatives, indicating that the human touch remains critical to the banking experience.

Empower your banking workforce to communicate instantly - all on the go.

Mobile Office in Banking

Sarah is working in a branch of a large bank as a private banking advisor. She relies heavily on Mobile Office as her high net-worth clients expect her to be available when needed. Mobile Office ensures that calls are directly routed to her regardless of her location.

One morning, a call from a customer of Sarah is routed to her with the request to provide a quote for an insurance product. Sarah is currently not in the office but discusses the details of the request already with the customer. She schedules a callback to ensure she calls back the customer when she is back in the office.

Once back in the office, Sarah re-listens the recording of the call earlier that day and reads the transcription via Mobile Office to confirm she understood all details correctly.

She calls back the customer with Mobile Office to discuss the details. The customers agrees immediately and Sarah forwards the call to the order team via her mobile. As her bank offers omnichannel support, there is no need for the customer to stay on the phone. The customer will get a text message once the order is ready for signature.

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